1: Discover the top 10 plants that thrive from cuttings in water. From pothos to begonias, these easy-to-grow varieties are perfect for any indoor garden.

2: Pothos is a versatile plant that grows well in water. Simply snip a cutting and place it in a jar filled with water to watch it thrive.

3: Begonias are another favorite for water propagation. Take a cutting with a node and submerge it in a container of water for beautiful blooms.

4: Spider plants are perfect for beginners. Simply place a cutting in water and watch as it produces babies that can be replanted for a continuous cycle.

5: Snake plants are low-maintenance and grow well in water. Take a cutting and place it in a jar of water for a striking addition to your home.

6: The vibrant coleus plant can be propagated in water. Snip a stem and let it root in water before transplanting it to soil for a pop of color.

7: The colorful wandering Jew plant thrives in water. Clip a piece of stem and watch as it grows roots in water, perfect for indoor display.

8: Impatiens are shade-loving plants that grow easily in water. Snip a cutting and place it in a vase of water for a beautiful addition to your space.

9: African violets can be propagated in water for new plants. Take a leaf cutting and place it in water to watch as new roots form, ready for planting.