1 1. Jump squats: Increase heart rate and burn calories fast. 2. Plank: Strengthen core muscles and improve posture.

2 3. Burpees: Total body workout for maximum fat burning. 4. Mountain climbers: Engage multiple muscle groups for a leaner physique.

3 5. Russian twists: Target obliques for a cinched waist. 6. Bicycle crunches: Sculpt abs and burn belly fat effectively.

4 7. High knees: Boost metabolism and torch calories. 8. Lateral lunges: Work outer thighs and tighten waistline.

5 9. Side plank: Tone obliques and improve stability. 10. Running: Great cardio exercise to trim belly fat.

6 11. Leg raises: Strengthen lower abs and slim waist. 12. Tricep dips: Sculpt arms while burning fat.

7 13. Deadlifts: Build muscle and burn calories simultaneously. 14. Flutter kicks: Target lower abs for a flat stomach.

8 15. Walking lunges: Tone legs and tighten core. 16. Swimming: Low-impact exercise for a full-body workout.

9 17. Plank jacks: Increase heart rate and burn fat fast. 18. Jumping jacks: Great cardio exercise for a slimmer waistline.