1: Real vs Fake Weapons Learn about the use of real and fake weapons in WWE Raw and Smackdown. Discover how these props add excitement to matches.

2: Real Weapons From steel chairs to kendo sticks, explore the arsenal of real weapons used in WWE matches. See how athletes strategically wield these tools.

3: Fake Weapons Dive into the world of fake weapons in WWE, including foam hammers and rubber mallets. Find out how these props enhance storytelling in the ring.

4: Safety Measures While some weapons are real, safety precautions are put in place to protect athletes. Understand how performers train to use weapons safely.

5: Legal Implications Despite the scripted nature of WWE, legal considerations must be made when using weapons. Learn how the organization navigates these concerns.

6: Impact on Storylines Fake and real weapons play a crucial role in shaping WWE storylines. Explore the dramatic effects these props create for fans.

7: Fan Reactions Discover how fans react to the use of weapons in WWE matches. See how these intense moments contribute to the excitement of live events.

8: Behind the Scenes Peek behind the curtain at WWE's weapon selection process. Learn how props are chosen and implemented to enhance in-ring action.

9: Evolution of Weapons Witness the evolution of weapons in WWE over the years. From sledgehammers to steel cages, see how props have changed the game.