1: Exciting Reunion Fans rejoice as Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo reunite in the NCIS spinoff in May 2024.


2: Dynamic Duo The on-screen chemistry between Weatherly and de Pablo is unmatched, making the wait worth it.

3: Thrilling Cases Get ready for action-packed episodes filled with suspenseful cases in the upcoming NCIS spinoff.

4: Nostalgic Feels Longtime fans of NCIS will appreciate the nods to the original series in the spinoff.

5: Fresh Perspective The new show brings a fresh perspective to the NCIS universe, keeping viewers hooked.

6: Character Growth Watch Weatherly and de Pablo's characters evolve and grow in the spinoff series.

7: Stellar Cast In addition to the main stars, the spinoff boasts a talented cast that enhances the storytelling.

8: Anticipation Builds Anticipation for the NCIS spinoff starring Weatherly and de Pablo continues to build leading up to May 2024.

9: Must-Watch TV With all these reasons and more, the NCIS spinoff is definitely worth the wait for fans everywhere.