1: Start your day right with these 3 morning stretches to improve flexibility and boost energy levels.

2: Stretch 1: Cat-Cow Pose. This gentle yoga stretch opens up the spine and relieves tension in the back.

3: Stretch 2: Forward Fold. Lengthen the hamstrings and spine with this standing stretch for improved flexibility.

4: Stretch 3: Child’s Pose. Relax the lower back and shoulders with this calming stretch that promotes deep breathing.

5: Incorporate these stretches into your morning routine for a more flexible and energized start to your day.

6: Benefits include reduced stiffness, improved posture, and increased circulation for better overall wellness.

7: Remember to hold each stretch for 15-30 seconds and breathe deeply to maximize the benefits.

8: Consult a fitness professional before trying new stretches, especially if you have any pre-existing health conditions.

9: Make these 3 morning stretches a regular part of your routine for a flexible and energized day ahead.