1: "Boost Magnesium intake with spinach and almonds. Add beans and whole grains for more fiber."

2: "Increase Iron levels with lean meat and dark leafy greens. Pair with vitamin C-rich foods for better absorption."

3: "Snack on pumpkin seeds and avocado for magnesium. Include quinoa and chia seeds for fiber."

4: "Choose fortified cereals and legumes to up Iron levels. Opt for magnesium-rich bananas and cashews."

5: "Incorporate flaxseeds and broccoli for fiber. Enjoy seafood and poultry for Iron and protein."

6: "Mix up your diet with lentils and sweet potatoes for fiber. Try lean pork and turkey for Iron."

7: "Satisfy magnesium needs with dark chocolate and edamame. Boost Iron intake with nuts and seeds."

8: "Start your day with a smoothie packed with spinach and berries for fiber. Include tofu and quinoa for Iron."

9: "Stay hydrated and active to support nutrient absorption. Consult a doctor for personalized advice on nutrient deficiencies."